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The Pietermaritzburg Aero Club's internal Newsletter is called the "TELSTAR"It was named after the twin prototype satellites, Telstar 1 and 2, which were the first satellites able to send a television signal between North America and Europe. The satellites were launched in 1962.


On the social side the Club has a modern, comfortable clubhouse, a licensed pub and a swimming pool, where various functions, including the well known solo parties are held. Social life, however, centres largely on Friday evenings when aircraft owners and other club members usually get together for an evening of hangar-talk. The club house is available to members for private functions, please contact the office for reservations. 



Established in 1938, the Club is run by a Committee made up of voluntary, elected members who are responsible for the smooth running of the Club and the Flying School. Committee positions are Chairman, Treasurer, President, and up to six Committee Members.

See the Club Newsletter, the TELSTAR, for the present Committee.

The Club is run in the spirit of the Club Constitution.


In order to utilise the clubs aeroplanes and facilities an individual must become a full of member of the club. This can be applied for at the clubs offices by filling in the required forms. These forms need to be proposed by an existing member and must be accompanied by the applicable fees. 

The Club is always excited to welcome new Aviation Enthusiasts, so apply for Membership, even if you don't know anyone at the Club.  You will soon become a part of the family!

Click here to SIGN UP for CLUB MEMBERSHIP.


Coffee is freely available at the Club for Members and their guests, and visiting aircraft.

Toasted sandwiches are available Monday to Friday,  (No-Frills Chicken-Mayo or any combination of Ham, Cheese and Tomato).  After all, a hungry Pilot is a sloppy Pilot!

On Friday nights, we have an informal "braai club" where members can bring or buy meat to toss on the braai and have a few drinks at our fabulous little pub, with like-minded folk.  

On warm evenings, a dip in the pool to cool rounds the evening perfectly.

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