The Pietermaritzburg Aero Club Flight School is part of the Pietermaritzburg Aero Club. 


We are an independent, non-profit organization aimed at fostering aviation in general and at providing

flying to our members at the

best possible rates. 

The club operates a fleet of 

aircraft which is reviewed

from time to time in keeping

with our Club's changing



In general, flight training is

conducted on a two-seat low

wing Sling 2 trainer, and full-

time instructors are available

throughout the week and

weekend with the school

only closing two days a year. 


For licensed pilots and

advanced pupils two four-

seater Cessna 172s, and

advanced training                            aircraft are available. 

The Club is based at the Pietermaritzburg (Oribi) Aerodrome, which boasts a 1580m tarred runway, but which is conveniently out of the way of heavy commercial air traffic, yet is still serviced by the Airlines.


This means that student pilots have the advantage of learning at an airport with commercial traffic WITHOUT the disadvantage of long delays caused by heavy commercial air traffic.


You don't get better than this.

  • Private Pilot License

  • National Pilot License - LSA

  • Night Rating

  • Commercial Pilot License

  • Instrument Rating

  • Instructor Rating

  • Airline Transport Pilot License

  • Multi-engine Rating

Private Pilot's License

Whether your goal is to obtain a license for recreational purposes, perhaps flying family and friends around or whether your goal is to make aviation your career someday and become a commercial pilot the Private Pilots License is the place to begin.

Let us help you obtain your dream to fly. It is possible for your aviation journey to be easy, affordable and most of all FUN.

Our courses are tailor made to suit YOU. For a dedicated full time student, a PPL license can be obtained in a matter of 3 to 4 months. Part-time, the course will take from 12 to 18 months, or longer, to suit those who are working, studying or still in school.

The Night Rating

This is the next logical step,


This will allow you to fly after dark during visual flight conditions. It is a rating that needs great respect as night flying can be a very dangerous and hostile environment.


Our course is designed to build on your foundation training and it is also the next step towards a Commercial Pilot License.


The beauty of flying under the stars in unparalleled, with the cities glittering like forbidden diamonds on a soft black velvet cloth.

Commercial Pilot License

Once your PPL is complete, your first step towards your CPL is your night rating. You can choose to do your CPL with or without an Instrument Rating depending on the career path you plan to follow. A CPL qualifies you to work as a professional pilot.

Please ask about our other Courses.


Trial Lesson / Introductory Flight

Never been in a light aircraft before? Well then a trial lesson would be an ideal start for you.


                         The lesson is designed                             to give you your first                                 sensation of flying. An                             experienced instructor                           will show you how                                     incredible it feels to be

                         in control of an aircraft                           and will guide you as

                         you take control of the                             aircraft  yourself!


                        The lesson, which takes                          about an hour, includes                          a half hour flight                                        briefing, and just under                          half an hour flight time.


                        The flight time can be                              credited towards your                           total time needed to earn a Private Pilot's Licence.


Experience has taught us that you will KNOW FOR SURE if flying is what you want to do, once you have felt the freedom of flight first hand.


Book a trial lesson NOW!!


Know someone else who wants to fly? Why not purchase a trial lesson for them? 

It's the perfect gift.

Flight Training can be very costly, but it can also be affordable, depending on how you approach it.

The average PPL cost the same to less than a  year's Tertiary Education.

Flight Training does not all have to be paid up front.  Many enthusiastic aviators pay as they go.  


Part 141 APPROVED Flight Training School CAA/0029