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safety corner

We want our Club Aircraft back in one piece, thank you, and you safely inside it without your eyes extra wide.


So, instead of leaving you to find everything out for yourself, we have compiled this page to point out some dangers you might not be aware of, or details about flying that might have slipped your mind.


Yes, a brush with death may make you appreciate life more, but when it comes to flying, avoiding death-defying acts is always more prudent.  



This C172 burned after crashing next to the N2 at Winkelspruit, Durban, KZN in 2015. 


It was flown by a young pilot working towards his Comm License, based at Virginia Airport. 

He was practising Forced Landings in the Durban GFA, got low, and clipped his wing on a power line. Both he and his passenger, also a young pilot training for Comm, perished in the accident.

The accident was witnessed by vehicles travelling on the N2.

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